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Web Development History

Summer 1995

In the summer of 1995 I became interested in creating websites and started developing Shirley’s Creative Designs

Fall 1995

In the fall of the same year I started Sue’s Tiny Costumes. I started out on the infancy of the internet using an old site, Xoom.com which is no longer online. From there I moved to a Geocities site for a number of years. I developed in the browser using the WYSIWYG editor until I learned Dreamweaver and HTML. I did all my own photography and scanned photos before doing general editing.

In 2002 I was convinced by my mentor to purchase a domain name for myself and use hosting for my site. It was at this time I learned FTP. With hosting I also learned SEO and CSS as well as how to optimize images as my site had grown to 200 hand coded pages. I continued to revise my site by hand until 2005 when I started to learn about content management systems and discovered Drupal, Joomla and ultimately Dreamweaver.


Purchased Sera and Justice Together for my children  (my daughter named the domain) and started teaching my kids to develop using WordPress. Began my journey learning a variety of content managers including Drupal, Joomla and finally settled on WordPress.

In 2006 my love of books and music led me to try my hand at a site called Books, Music & More and attempt to monetize it but with competing priorities it has been a slow process building it.


Towards the end of my second round of college in 2008, I started Alaska Office Specialists as part of a college class in web development. The site has had several purposes including the original class, a virtual assistant business and has now been repurposed again for my Web Development and Document Templates business in 2018.

I then added Sue A Darby, my portfolio site to the collection to use as a place to showcase my work for my Capstone.

Over the years I’ve added subdomains. My Work Samples site was once dedicated to just random work but eventually I migrated it all to the main Portfolio site for consolidation.

Recently I decided I needed to repurpose the site and settled on using it to showcase the multitudes of photos I’ve taken over the years. Some photos (Old Faithful and Yellowstone) were taken in the 1990’s with a film camera while most of the more recent shots are either cell phone specials or with the Cannon DSLR. I hope to continue to add to this site as my hobby is taking landscape photos of Alaska especially if there are any sort of wildlife around. Of course there will also likely be the obligatory photos of my cat eventually too along with many of my garden.


For fun I added Coffee Institute as a place for my love of coffee.


My love of web development languished for a couple years but was renewed in 2014 when I decided I needed a way to manage all my sites instead of logging in to each one at a time to update them. I found and implemented Infinite WP which allows me one place to see all my sites, update them and even manage plugins and themes.


Wanting to continue my web development learning I found a few online videos and sites to continue to read up on web technologies when I found time. I started once more taking classes in 2015 and 2016 on many topics and adding to my knowledge base.

I split my portfolio domain into Code Monkey and Lady Code Monkey, one for developing WordPress plugins and themes and the other for advanced web development topics.

With all this as my experience I am ready to jump into a new career in web development.

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