Things I can do would anyone like to learn how I do them?

Most people know something about computers but only the basics. I know how to do a wide variety of things and what I think are stupid little tricks could be great tools for someone else.
  • Screenshot tutorial
  • Programming languages
  • Process development and documentation
  • Email distro lists
  • Report building in excel
  • Excel macros
  • Quick parts for a group
  • Combining reports and presenting final data
  • Form design or development or editing
  • Writing business needs document
  • Projects plan
  • SharePoint troubleshooting
  • Website design and development
  • Presenting options for a website and translating between business and designer or developer same for databases

Does anyone want me to write up any of these as tutorials or help their business with these tasks?

Sue Darby
Seeking New Options in Technical Writing in Anchorage Alaska area or Remote Only.
Adept with formatting programs, content management systems, office suites and code. Sue excels at improving workflows and documenting processes. She is known for her ability to accomplish assignments and projects on time thanks to her love of task lists and project management skills. Skilled in a variety of programming & markup languages she never wants to stop learning! She is a collaborative team member, getting along well with people around her. Creativity is one of her strengths and she’s always up to try something new. She is a great asset to a team!
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