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The 10-Point Plan

Your “work” requires you to draft a 10-point plan on how you will improve the lives of your people via E-commerce policies. What are some of those points?
At Alaska Office Specialists our E-commerce policies would likely cover:

  1. Terms and conditions which cover the collection and use of data and how it will be used. It also currently complies with international privacy laws.
  2. Mailing list email address and a variety of options to opt in and out easily and quickly. We currently are using the standard contact form and no email list but hope to add a newsletter via Mail Chimp in the near future.
  3.  Shipping policies that detail where and how long the packing and delivery process will take along with locations shipped to including a variety of information on remote locations such as bush Alaska. While we don’t have physical goods to ship this is a policy that all businesses with physical goods should have. Not everywhere in Alaska is the Bush or a Village either many of us live on the road system and get mail just like the rest of the country. A clear policy that is fair for all areas of all states should be on a website.
  4.  Refund policy that gives easy access no hassles for refund or exchange or replacement in a reasonable time frame. Defining this is a cornerstone of most businesses including service businesses. Keeping a customer happy is important and knowing what happens when they want a refund or even a referral to another service provider can help long-term relations and keep your reviews positive.
  5. Customer service support that is responsive to chat, email, and phone. This doesn’t have to be 24/7 but reasonable business hours with what time zone(s) is incredibly helpful to everyone worldwide.
  6. Easy to find policies as well as easy to find emails. Policies should be in one area and labeled nicely, under About Us or Contact Us are good places to group these kinds of items.
  7.  Coupon and discounts and special offers policies that explain regular as well as random sales. A definite must for most if not all online businesses is a place explaining sales and discounts.
  8. Warranty information regarding fixing or replacement of defective or broken items. Again easy to find and easy to understand.
  9. Payments are made via as many options as possible. Link to other services terms of service as it helps people understand that if they use that service with your site they agree to the other site’s terms as well.
  10. Everything is geared towards the customer to ensure customer service support and loyalty. Stellar service will make even the most unhappy customers consider a second chance. All policies are found in one section of the site and are easy to understand.

What are your thoughts on E-Commerce policies? Let me know!

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