Consulting Services

Taking a variety of software and making kick ass tracking systems that collects data, converts it to letters, converts that to fill in PDF forms, emailing a crap ton of PDFs to a variety of people and spit out statistics tracking what the status of the project is.

Workflows Design and Development
Building tools to solve workflow problems.

I design “cradle to grave” processes that are either temporary applications or permanently in use and replicated for other projects. I also build other side tools to compliment main processes. Most of my tools are done with Excel or Word macros.

Complete illustrated or diagrammed instructions written with the end user in mind. Anyone should be able to follow these instructions!

Proofreading and editing of short stories, resumes, technical books, sewing patterns, and websites.
Form Templates to make workflows work and repetitive tasks easier.

Charts and graphs, sort and filter, I can do all of it plus custom macros to mail merge PDFs with Outlook!

Install, setup and maintain the look, security and functionality of a website. If you have content I can get it online.

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