Alaska Office Specialists

You have a business and are swamped with the little stuff that has fallen to the bottom of your to do list. Things like writing new content for your site or connecting your site to social media, or even getting a site setup or updating the back end of the site for security. Perhaps you hate your host or need to start a website to begin with! Alaska Office Specialists is a Virtual Assistant service business providing services such as WordPress site setup, Social Media Management, Technical Writing, Business Writing, and various other services. If your business has a need, I have a solution. Chat with me today

Bridging the gap between management and tech…
We can help you with many things including database requirements, system testing, charts, graphs and much more!

Document Services

  • Technical Writing
  • Business writing
  • Creative writing


Microsoft Office

  • Design documents
  • Reports
  • Newsletters and management
  • Power Point Presentations

Process Diagramming

Social Media and Email Services

  • E-mail responses to customer inquiries
  • Email management, sorting mail, tags
  • Email marketing campaigns with MailChimp
  • Social Media monitoring

Website Management

  • WordPress Website Content Management
  • Install WordPress

Technology Coaching

Want to learn MS Office yourself or how to manage your WordPress site? Contact us for a coaching session. Rates vary based on topics. Any service listed can be coached .

Monthly Maintenance Plan

  • Monthly meetings to discuss new strategies and ideas