Alaska Office Specialists

Alaska Office Specialists is a WordPress Manager & Site Developing Agency who works with small businesses to setup and maintain your WordPress site. We know that your website is an important gateway to showcasing your goods or services. Your site is one of your most powerful branding and marketing tools.

Web Design

  • Landing Pages
  • Small & Medium Sites
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • WordPress Management

Seo Services

  • SEO on Current Site
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Campaigns

Site Maintenance

  • Site Maintenance
  • Site Redesign
  • Analytics


  • MS Office Workflows
  • Technical Writing
  • Process Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Policy Development

Document Design

  • Custom Reusable Templates
  • Form Design

Excel Tools

  • Project Trackers
  • Data Collection
  • Charts & Graphs

Sample Sites

Free Resources

The MOST Important Thing To Do Today

This tool is designed to help a business owner track important things that they want to accomplish in specific areas of life. You can use it on dead trees (paper) or electronically. It’s sized for a full size sheet of paper. Enjoy! 

Weekly Planner

This is a full size weekly planner. It has no real bells or whistles to it but sometimes a simple planner is what we need most! Feel free to add it to your collection of documents you use daily or weekly to plan your business or life or both! It … Continue reading →

Shopping Comparison Tool

This is a shopping comparison tools I built for shared shopping trips and price comparison between stores. You can change the name of the stores on both sheets but only change or add new items on the Master Sheet including prices.  Yes, this is a lot of what my household … Continue reading →

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